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ModelSheet Software LLC was founded in 2007 with the goal of enhancing the power of desktop modeling by augmenting, not replacing, existing tools such as spreadsheets. We sell customized spreadsheet solutions and custom consulting services; and we offer trials of ModelSheet Authoring, a tool for building and maintaining model-based spreadsheets that underlies all our offerings.

ModelSheet is based in the Boston, Massachusetts area and is privately held.

For more information please write to info@modelsheetsoft.com.

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Management Team

Howard I. Cannon
Chairman and CTO
While working on the MIT Research Staff, Howard invented Flavors, the first non-hierarchical object-oriented programming system. He co-founded Symbolics, where he engineered major pieces of the company's hardware and software, founded and ran the successful Graphics Division, and as VP of Product Marketing managed the introduction of several key products. He was VP of Development at Macsyma, where he led a small team that produced review-winning technology when matched against much larger competitors. Howard founded Groton NeoChem, where he led the development and marketing of revolutionary Web-based data management software for drug discovery. The company was sold to SciQuest. He has been an executive in a number of other companies, where he led development and made numerous technical innovations. Howard did undergraduate work at MIT.
Richard J. Petti
As a marketing executive at MathWorks, a $400 million software company, Dick introduced revolutionary business analytics that directly impacted overall revenue and profitability, contributed on all 11 management boards for commercial businesses, and restructured strategic planning to enable project champions and executives to better evaluate opportunities. As Division GM at Symbolics, he turned around the Macsyma business and raised funding to spin it off as Macsyma Inc., which he ran until its acquisition by a defense contractor. Dick served as a consultant at McKinsey, where he received top ratings for his financial analysis, operations analysis, and troubleshooting in R&D management. Dick has worked or consulted in 8 businesses in Fortune 100 companies, including GE HQ and two other GE locations. MBA U Chicago, PhD Berkeley, BS MIT.
Adrian Hancock
VP Marketing and Business Development
With a history of executive marketing leadership in high-tech companies, Adrian was responsible for a variety of B-2-B marketing and distribution functions for global productivity solutions and services at Prime Computer, PictureTel, Polycom, Timberland and others. He started his career at McKinsey & Co., where he led client engagements focused on operations and marketing in transportation, international trading and manufacturing. Most recently he was VP Marketing and Business Development for a human services non-profit. MBA, Harvard Business School, BA University of Nottingham.
Krishnan Badrinarayanan
Marketing Manager
Krishnan has principal responsibility for our marketing programs, including our web presence. He has a background in technology consulting and software development. As a senior associate with Evolving Systems, he developed and implemented operations support systems for large telecom service providers; solutions ranged from number porting, mediation, service provisioning and customized work flow management. Several of his efforts involved extensive customer interviews and needs assessments to drive product development and improved product offering. He was involved in developing next generation, commercial solutions, one of which is pending patent approval. Krishnan has an MBA in Marketing from Boston University, and a Masters in Software Engineering from Bharathiar University.


Russell Noftsker
Former Chairman, CEO, VP of various high technology companies, including Symbolics, Pertron Controls (sold to Square D).
Howard I. Cannon
Richard J. Petti