Case Study: Agribusiness Investment Plan

Lord Cudmore, CEO & Managing Director Green Papua, Ltd.

October 4, 2010

Lord Robert Cudmore needed a financial analysis of an international agribusiness project. He wanted an analysis that focuses on return on investment and cash flow, and that also includes considerable details about revenue, operating expenses, and financing. After searching the web, he concluded that ModelSheet's Investment Project Analysis customizable spreadsheet was a good starting point, but it lacked some of the features required for this project. His added requirements include:

  • tracking several products and shipping terms
  • investment in fixed assets that each has its own start date and financing characteristics
  • equity and debt financing for the entire project

Lord Cudmore retained ModelSheet Software to modify the Investment Project Analysis customizable spreadsheet to meet his needs. He worked closely with ModelSheet staff to modify and test the new features developed to his specifications over about four weeks.

"Over the last few weeks I have been actively using the advanced Investment Project Analysis. Having delved deeply into the core of the model, I can affirm that without a doubt this is the most comprehensive, 'bullet proof' solution in today's market."

"This model will satisfy 99% of all businesses globally in its delivered form and the remaining 1% can avail themselves of the 'bespoke' modifications that the company can provide."

"Without reservation and in total confidence, I whole heartedly endorse the product and the company which are quite simply without equal."

ModelSheet's unique spreadsheet authoring and customizing technology made the end result more feature-rich, and made the process faster, easier and less expensive than it would be using conventional spreadsheet methods. All the features implemented in this project are now included as optional features in ModelSheet's Investment Project Analysis customizable spreadsheet solution.