Case Study: Customized Cash Flow Template

Shane Piers, General Manager, small manufacturing company (name withheld)

June 26, 2009

"As the General Manager of a small manufacturing business I need to make decisions quickly and accurately. When the need for an accurate 13 week cash-flow came up I chose to go with ModelSheet’s customized cash flow template. I have not been disappointed. The model is great. After spending one week inputting my company’s financial data and learning how to use the model I now have a spot on prediction of what my company’s cash-flow will be for the next 13 weeks. The model is strong in that it supports playing the “what-if” game. I have created scenarios of extending payables, expediting payments, adding people to payroll to increase factory thru-put and more. Any decision I might make I am able to predict its impact on cash immediately."

"The cash flow template has all the features I needed. Since it was delivered in Excel, I could easily add my own P&L analysis to it. I wanted to thank you again for helping me to get my cash flow sheet working. Your support was very very helpful and prompt. I have the model working and I added a pro-formal P&L sheet too, from the P&L I am creating to forecast expenses in the payables database. After I get the basic model complete, I will take a look at setting up our loans and line of credit. I will for sure look at implementing the other templates you have on your website."