Consulting in Business Analysis and Model Development

We build customizable models that suit your needs better than any template

  • We can add your custom features to existing models
  • We can build expressive, customizable models from scratch

We help with all stages of business analysis

  • Develop strategic assessments and quantitative analyses to help make decisions.
  • Evaluate data requirements versus resources for making more informed decisions.
  • Build analytic models and key performance indicators aligned to help monitor performance.
  • Help your organization use the new performance metrics in decision making.

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We offer unprecedented value

If you find a customizable model that does not entirely meet your needs, we can enhance it for you, or build you a model from scratch. Our tools help us build customizable spreadsheet solutions that are realistic and reliable, taking a fraction of the time and cost required by conventional approaches.

Your investment in customizable models continues to work for you

Once built, you can customize the models using the Spreadsheet Solution Customizer as often as you like. We can also build in new features and customizations not included in the original model. You can reuse your investment many times.

Our Experience

Let us help you harness the business analytics revolution to increase the success of your organization. We're experts in using the technology we develop to extract knowledge from data to help you make better decisions.

We can deliver analysis or an entire project based on our broad experience. Our professional staff has performed business analysis engagements for clients and employers in wide range of areas.