ModelSheet: Case Studies

"ModelSheet technology is one of the most promising innovations I have seen in spreadsheets in my twenty years of professional involvement. I would highly recommend the templates and consulting services to anyone with a complex spreadsheet modeling challenge."

– John Fallou, Former Regional Director, Microsoft Consulting

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"The pre-built cash flow model plus ModelSheet’s very responsive consulting services got us where we wanted to be quickly. ModelSheet’s spreadsheet tools are so effective that the cost of changes was a lot less than we expected. We streamlined our data transformation processes based on their recommendations, and the resulting cash flow model was a big help in managing our capacity expansion. I would highly recommend the templates and the consulting services to anyone with challenges in reporting and analysis with spreadsheets."

– Earl Williams, VP of Finance, Western Emulsions, Inc.

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"Over the last few weeks I have been actively using the advanced Investment Project Analysis. Having delved deeply into the core of the model, I can affirm that without a doubt this is the most comprehensive, 'bullet proof' solution in today's market. This model will satisfy 99% of all businesses globally in its delivered form and the remaining 1% can avail themselves of the 'bespoke' modifications that the company can provide. Without reservation and in total confidence, I whole heartedly endorse the product and the company which are quite simply without equal."

– Lord Cudmore, CEO & Managing Director, Green Papua, Ltd.

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"I now have a far more realistic and detailed plan for my unique business than I could ever imagine pulling together through conventional Excel methods, templates, or canned business plan software. And I can evolve the plan in minutes, while similar changes in Excel would take hours."

– Arthur Zwern, President, HOMErgent

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"As the General Manager of a small manufacturing business I need to make decisions quickly and accurately. When the need for an accurate 13 week cash-flow came up I chose to go with ModelSheet’s customized cash flow template. I have not been disappointed."

– Shane Piers, General Manager, small manufacturing company (name withheld)

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