Financial Planning: Examples and Screenshots

Web Workbook

Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement from web workbook in ModelSheet Financial Planning. Generated Excel workbooks have same layout and appearance.

Income statement

Example: Methods for Planning Sales Units of Software Products and Customer Support

This view shows the formulas for the sales forecast. Software sales for Products A and B are given in the first time period, then grow by planned growth rates. Sales of support services are determined by planned retention rates of existing service customers, plus a planned percentage of new software license sales four quarters ago.

In this view, the pink cells contain the data and formulas (listed below the table) that define all values in the table.

Sales forecast

Example: Expense Budget for Five Marketing Programs

The formula shows that expenses are budgeted directly in early time periods, by percent of revenue with scale economies in later periods, and with smooth transition in Q4 2009. This view shows the editor for marketing program expenses where you can edit the budgeting methods.

Marketing programs