Operations Analysis: Examples and Screenshots

Units Flow through Process Stages for each Time Period

Purchased units injected into each project stage at each time. Inject purchased units only in Process 1, except finished goods in the initial time period.
Total units going into each stage in each time period (includes purchased units)
Total units of good output available from each stage before unit sales are subtracted
Total units of good output remaining in inventory after subtracting unit sales
Total units sold in each period
Market demand for units. There is market demand only for finished goods.
Units scrap at each stage in each time period

Costs per Good Unit Out from Each Process Stage

This and all screen shots are from ModelSheet web workbooks. Generated Excel workbooks have the same layout.

Fewer and More Readable Formulas

One formula computes the number of units entering each stage for each time period. The formula multiplies (“matmult”) the transition matrix (“Tranmat”) times the vector of units entering in the previous time period (“Units_In”).

Pink cells contain data and formulas (listed below the table) that define values in the white cells, which contain no independent information of their own.